Scherer Award

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Nomination Deadline: 24th May 2024

The Scherer Award was established by the EC3 Board in 2018 in the honour of Prof Raimar Scherer, the founder of the European Conference on Product and Process Modelling, which is the first European community within the Built Environment computing space and a predecessor of EC3.



The Scherer award is awarded annually to an active or former EC3 officer for outstanding service to the computing community in the context of EC3.




Nominees must hold an academic post in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) whose main campus is in a European country. “European country” in this context is defined as a country situated in whole or in part within the European continent. Computing-related contributions in any technical built environment discipline or professional context are eligible for this award without restriction.

Not more than one presentation of the award will be made annually unless the achievement upon which the award is based in, is the joint work of more than one individual. No individual may receive the award, or a portion thereof, more than once.

The nominee must be an active or a former EC3 officer.


Nominations can be submitted by anyone and must be submitted using the online form by May 24, 2024. In addition to individually submitted nominations, the EC3 board may make up to two additional nominations.

To be considered, candidate nominations should be received by the EC3  on or before the May 24, 2024 deadline.

Review process:

The nominee submissions are reviewed by the Awards Panel which shall recommend the recipient and request approval from the EC3 Board.


The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize, and subject to the approval of the EC3 Board based on the income reserves of EC3. If the award is presented for a group effort, the lead recipient shall receive the plaque and cash prize. All other recipients shall receive only a certificate.

The award will normally be presented at the next EC3 conference.


To nominate, prepare the following:
  1. A cover letter, signed by the person making the nomination
  2. The nominee’s CV or biographical information
  3. Two or three letters of recommendation (max)
Submit the form: 
 Submit nomination

Award Winners:

2023 Scherer Award Marzia Bolpagni Mace
2022 Scherer Award Loannis Brillakis University of Cambridge
2021 Scherer Award Mohamad Kassem University of Newcastle