Special Issue

The ECconference places special emphasis on quality assurance. Abstracts are only reviewed for scope and the peer review process focuses on substantive reviews of the full paper. The scientific committee comprises of world-renown experts in the topics of the conference.

All papers are independently reviewed by at least two reviewers using a number of criteria:

Criterion Weight
Quality of Content 30%
Significance 30%
Originality 30%
Thematic Relevance 10%

All papers are ranked according to the scores received via the peer review process.

The highest ranked papers will receive the Best Paper award.

Special Issue

screenshot2.png Papers that ranked highest in the peer review, will also be invited to submit an expanded version for a Special Issue of the Journal of Smart Infrastructure and Construction. The expanded papers will be considered for publication in the special issue and undergo a second level of peer review to establish that they meet the quality standards of the journal.