Thesis in 3

If you are a student participant at the conference, you are encouraged to participate in the Thesis-in-Three activity. As part of this activity, you have to present an overview of your thesis in a short amount of time.

The total time per presentation is 8 minutes, with 3 minutes for the presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions. This presentation is to follow the thesis-in-3 format ( Speakers may present any number of content slides (it is recommended you use 3 slides) in 3 minutes to communicate their work.

Specific tips include:

  • Identify the core parts of your thesis/aspect of your research that you want to discuss. Don’t try and cram everything in. 
  • Keep it high level. Don’t go into too much detail – use informative and engaging graphics and try to use as little text as possible. 
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. It’s the only way to get the timing right! Bottom line: Keep it clear, concise, and coherent.

To participate:

Complete the following steps before July 5, 2023:

  1. Log in to the conference management system (Link)
  2. Select Your Submissions > Submit Contribution > Thesis in Three
  3. Submit a short abstract (up to 500 words) of your thesis.

An academic panel will judge the presentations. The best and second-best performances will receive a certificate and a cash prize in the form of a voucher.

If you have any questions, please contact the program chair.



Thesis in 3 EC3 2021 Presentations Examples

Example Video