Awards Committee

The committee has the responsibility of adjudicating all nominations and conferring all EC3 awards, in accordance with the rules defined in this document. Through its awards, the EC3 advances its mission by recognising their contributions in advancing the fields of interest to EC3 to the benefit of society. The awards committee is responsible for:

  1. Soliciting and accepting nominations for all award categories
  2. Evaluating the nominations received
  3. Preserving the integrity of the evaluation process, assuring that the process is both open and rigorous and that the process contributes to the prestige of the council and the awards recipients
  4. Disseminating the results to the Board and greater EC3 community via the website and social media, and in writing to the employers of the awardees

Members of the awards committee

The EC3 Awards Committee at present is directed by the past chair of the EC3 Board (I. Brilakis, University of Cambridge, UK) and composed initially by the individuals who have lent their names to the EC3 awards:

Prof. Raimar Scherer (TU Dresden, Germany)

Prof. Ian Smith (EPFL, Switzerland) and

Prof Antony Thorpe (Loughborough University, UK).

In the future, all recipients of the Thorpe Medal, Scherer Award and Smith Prize that are European academics will be invited to join the committee.