Fundamental Principles of Operation

Openness and due process are mandatory for activities of the EC3.

Openness means that any person who has, or could be reasonably expected to have, a direct and material interest, and who meets the requirements of these procedures, has a right to participate by:

  1. Attending EC3 meetings (in person or electronically)
  2. Becoming a member of the EC3
  3. Becoming an officer of the EC3
  4. Expressing a position and its basis,
  5. Having that position considered, and
  6. Appealing if adversely affected.

Due process requires a consensus of those parties interested in the project. Consensus is defined as at least a majority agreement, but not necessarily unanimity.

Due process is based upon equity and fair play. In addition, due process requires openness and balance (i.e., the activities of the EC3 shall strive to have a balance of interests and not to be dominated by any single interest category).

EC3 Charter - Policies and Procedures 7-11-2020

Sponsoring Professional Associations (SPA)

Role: SPAs are established national professional associations whose mission includes the advancement of computing innovations for the benefit of the stakeholders involved in the construction industry and the public. It is expected that SPAs derive their mission from their membership, comprised of either civil engineers, construction engineers, and/or other design and construction professionals who work in any of the technical aspects of the construction sector.

Eligibility: At most one (1) SPA can sponsor the EC3 per European country. European country in this context is defined as a country situated in whole or in part within the European continent, or a member country/associate country of the European Union.

Duties: SPAs are required to:

  1. Appoint a representative to the EC3 Board and finance his/her participation to the EC3 annual meeting.
  2. Provide their representative with information about modern technical, managerial and policy challenges in their country related to the mission of EC3.
  3. Help their representative develop a mechanism to facilitate the dissemination of the outcomes of the EC3 to the SPA membership.
  4. Pay a fixed annual membership fee to the EC3. This fee shall be:
    1. Set annually by the EC3 Board
    2. Paid by the SPA to the Treasurer within one (1) month of the SPA receiving the corresponding invoice.
    3. Used by the Board to cover travel and subsistence costs of EC3 Officers, with any leftover retained to fund ad hoc projects.

Current Sponsoring Professional Associations

To date, the following professional associations have embraced EC3 and are on its SPA list: