Fundamental Principles of Operation

Openness and due process are mandatory for activities of the EC3.

Openness means that any person who has, or could be reasonably expected to have, a direct and material interest, and who meets the requirements of these procedures, has a right to participate by:

  1. Attending EC3 meetings (in person or electronically)
  2. Becoming a member of the EC3
  3. Becoming an officer of the EC3
  4. Expressing a position and its basis,
  5. Having that position considered, and
  6. Appealing if adversely affected.

Due process requires a consensus of those parties interested in the project. Consensus is defined as at least a majority agreement, but not necessarily unanimity.

Due process is based upon equity and fair play. In addition, due process requires openness and balance (i.e., the activities of the EC3 shall strive to have a balance of interests and not to be dominated by any single interest category).  

Members and their roles and responsibilities are described in Sections 2 and 3 of the EC3 Policies and Procedures Document document (see PDF below).

Membership for individuals is currently set to zero Euro.


EC3 Charter - Policies and Procedures