Proceedings of the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction

Chania, Greece

July 10-12, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-910963-37-1

Full Proceedings DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019

Full Proceedings Download:

List of topics

Data Acquisition, Analysis, Simulation & Resilience

BIM approach for decision support: case study fastening systems in factory adaptation planning
Lisa Theresa Lenz, Mike Gralla, Marvin Höpfner, Panagiotis Spyridis, Kai Christian Weist
A toolchain for automated acquisition and processing of as-built data with autonomous UAVs
Henk Freimuth, Markus König
Towards a methodology for quantifying the benefits of BIM
Ilias Krystallis, Eleni Papadonikolaki, Giorgio Locatelli, Ornella Iuorio
What does real-time project control really mean?
Shabtai Isaac
Adaptive minimized communication protocol based on BIM
Ata Zahedi, Frank Petzold
Freeway work zone traffic state estimation with fault diagnosis
Shuming Du, Saiedeh Razavi
Automated model checking for topologically complex code requirements – security room case study
Tanya Bloch, Meir Katz, Raz Yosef, Rafael Sacks
Do vehicles sense pavement surface anomalies?
Charalambos Kyriakou, Symeon E. Christodoulou, Loukas Dimitriou
Sorting things out? Machine learning in complex construction projects
May Shayboun, Christian Koch
Planning and scheduling bridge girders fabrication through shop-floor operations simulation
Monjurul Hasan, Ming Lu
Precise reconstruction of geometric primitives in built environments
Lingling Wang, Hanbin Luo, Ying Zhou, Cheng Zhou
Automatic detection of plan symbols in railway equipment engineering using a machine learning approach
Deian Stoitchkov, Peer Breier, Martin Slepicka, Cengiz Genc, Felix Harmsen, Tobias Köhler, Simon Vilgertshofer, André Borrmann
Managing mistrust in construction using DLT: a review of use-case categories for technical decisions
Jens Juri Hunhevicz, Daniel Mark Hall
Construction progress visualisation for varied stages of the individual elements with BIM: A case study
Daniel Kazado, Miroslava Kavgic, Esin Ergen
BIM-based Holonic System for Real-Time Pathfinding in Building Emergency Scenario
Berardo Naticchia, Leonardo Messi, Alessandro Carbonari
Development of a software program to generate a WBS for earthwork projects
Loma Yasser Elmossallamy, Ayman H. Nassar
Building information models are dirty
Claudio Mirarchi, Alberto Pavan
Image-based 3D surface reconstruction of cold-formed steel c-sections
Burcu Guldur Erkal
Predicting the impact of size of uncertainty events on the construction cost of highway projects using ANFIS
Alireza Moghayedi, Abimbola Windapo
BIM LOD for facility management tasks
Seyed Hamidreza Alavi, Nuria Forcada
An IFC data preparation workflow for building energy performance simulation
Kyriakos I Katsigarakis, Georgios I Giannakis, Georgios Nektarios Lilis, Dimitrios V Rovas
Semantic data mining and linked data for a recommender system in the AEC industry
Ekaterina Petrova, Pieter Pauwels, Kjeld Svidt, Rasmus Jensen
BIM-driven mission planning and navigation for automatic indoor construction progress detection using robotic ground platform
Amir Ibrahim, Ali Sabet, Mani Golparvar-Fard
Automatic Understanding of Construction Schedules: Part-of-Activity Tagging
Fouad Amer, Mani Golparvar-Fard
Risk management in construction projects using building information modelling
Dimitra Papachatzi, Yiannis Xenidis
Optimum topological configurations of sensor networks
Rita Greco, Giuseppe Carlo Marano
Pavement condition and traffic indices for prioritizing road maintenance
Georgios Hadjidemetriou, Michalis Tsangaris, Symeon Christodoulou

Education, Policy and Standardisation

Ontologies and Linked Data for structuring published BIM articles
Karim Farghaly
Investigating the drop-out rate from a BIM for infrastructure course
Raido Puust, Emlyn David Qivitoq Witt, Irene Lill, Roode Liias

Energy Modelling & Monitoring

The impact of density and scale on the life cycle cost of net zero energy communities
Slava Shubin, Gad Rabinowitz, Shabtai Isaac
OptEEmAL: IT-Supported design tool for the generation of optimised energy retrofitting scenarios at district level
Susana Martín, Victor I. Serna, Sonia Álvarez, Miguel A. García, Gema Hernández, Alvaro Sicilia, Gonçal Costa
BEMServer: An Open Source Platform for Building Energy Performance Management
Pierre Bourreau, Richard Chbeir, Yudith Cardinale, Aitor Corchero, Jérôme Lafréchoux, David Frédérique, Khouloud Salameh, Gulben Calis, Rafael Constantinou, Lara Kallab
Dynamic District Information Server: On the Use of W3C Linked Data Standards to Unify Construction Data
Cathal Hoare, Usman Ali, James O'Donnell
Opportunities for Communal Photovoltaic-Thermal Heating Systems with Storage
Anneka Kang, Ivan Korolija, Dimitrios Rovas
Extending IFC to support thermal comfort prediction during design
Fawaz Alshehri, Cathal Hoare, Usman Ali, Mohammad Shamsi, Paul Kenny, James O'Donnell

Late Breaking Abstracts

Using Virtual Reality to model wayfinding behaviour
Ian James Ewart
The Logic of knowledge
Nick Nisbet
Towards automated quality assessment of construction elements
Alex Braun, Frédéric Bosché, André Borrmann
Geometric optimization of mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) information models
Zhen-Zhong Hu, Shuang Yuan, Mohamad Kassem
Manage the complexity of archectural deisgn through the proactive design paradigm
Gabriele Novembri, Francesco Livio Rossini, Antonio Fioravanti
Operation and and maintenance of built assets: A pathway towards individualised training experiences
James Wakefield, Mohamad Kassem

Product and Process Modelling

An overview of configurations for industralized construction: typologies, customer requirements, and technical approaches
Jianpeng Cao, Daniel Hall
Relating geometry descriptions to its derivatives on the web
Anna Wagner, Mathias Bonduel, Pieter Pauwels, Rüppel Uwe
Development of a BIM library for building energy retrofitting: current workflows and a proposal for a recommender system
Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini, Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue, Michele Melchiori, Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura
A BIM-based approach to façade cladding optimization: geometrical, economic, and production-control in a DfMA perspective
Giuseppe Martino Di Giuda, Paolo Ettore Giana, Gabriele Masera, Elena Seghezzi, Valentina Villa
Blockchain in construction logistics: state-of-art, constructability, and the advent of a new digital business model in Sweden
Dimosthenis Kifokeris, Christian Koch
Including widespread geometry formats in semantic graphs using RDF literals
Mathias Bonduel, Anna Wagner, Pieter Pauwels, Maarten Vergauwen, Ralf Klein
Modelling construction scheduling constraints using shapes constraint language (SHACL)
Ranjith K Soman
Context capturing of multi-information resources for the data exchange in collaborative project environments
Raimar J. Scherer, Peter Katranuschkov
Generating bridge geometric digital twins from point clouds
Ruodan Lu, Ioannis Brilakis
The IFC-Bridge project – Extending the IFC standard to enable high-quality exchange of bridge information models
André Borrmann, Sergej Muhic, Juha Hyvärinen, Tim Chipman, Stefan Jaud, Christophe Castaing, Claude Dumoulin, Thomas Liebich, Laura Mol
Digital built environment maturity model: Digital twins advancing smart infrastructure asset management
Dejan Papic, Tomo Cerovsek

Smart Structures

Road asset classification system
Maria Gkovedarou, Ioannis Brilakis
Semantic and syntactic interoperability of BIM and asset management data
Karim Farghaly, Henry Fonbeyin Abanda, Christos Vidalakis, Graham Wood

Systems Engineering

From relational to technological trust: How do the Internet of Things and Blockchain technology fit in?
Jorge De La Pena, Eleni Papadonikolaki
Systems-theoretic process analysis (STPA) in building energy risk management
Stylianos K. Karatzas, Athanasios P. Chassiakos

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality and mixed reality to interpret design choices of high-performance buildings
Shenghuan Zhao, Leo Zhang, Enrico DeAngelis
A framework of procedural considerations for implementing virtual reality in design review
Silvia Mastrolembo Ventura, Fadi Castronovo, Dragana Nikolić, Angelo Luigi Camillo Ciribini
Virtual reality use for evaluation and improvement of building emergency signage
Simon Christian Swanström Wyke, Kasper Meyer Andersen, Mads Hardahl, Magnus Mejlholm Harlyk, Erik Risbøl Vils, Kjeld Svidt
Evaluation of virtual safety training tool application with construction workers
Zaki Marwa, Semra Comu Yapıcı
BIM-based augmented reality tool for the monitoring of construction performance and progress
Julia Ratajczak, Carmen Marcher, Christoph Paul Schimanski, Alice Schweikopfler, Michael Riedl, Dominik T. Matt