Proceedings of the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Relating geometry descriptions to its derivatives on the web

Anna Wagner 1, Mathias Bonduel 2, Pieter Pauwels 3, Rüppel Uwe 1
1 TU Darmstadt, Germany
2 KU Leuven, Belgium
3 Ghent University, Belgium

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.146
Abstract: Sharing building information over the Web is becoming more popular, leading to advances in describing building models in a Semantic Web context. However, those descriptions lack unified approaches for linking geometry descriptions to building elements, derived properties and derived other geometry descriptions. To bridge this gap, we analyse the basic characteristics of geometric dependencies and propose the Ontology for Managing Geometry (OMG) based on this analysis. In this paper, we present our results and show how the OMG provides means to link geometric and non-geometric data in meaningful ways.Thus, exchanging building data, including geometry, on the Web becomes more efficient.
Keywords: Geometry, Linked Data, Semantic Web, Dependencies, Data Exchange, Geometry Derivation
Pages: 304 - 313

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