Proceedings of the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Virtual reality use for evaluation and improvement of building emergency signage

Simon Christian Swanström Wyke, Kasper Meyer Andersen, Mads Hardahl, Magnus Mejlholm Harlyk, Erik Risbøl Vils, Kjeld Svidt
Aalborg University, Denmark

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.168
Abstract: Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) is often used to visualise architecture, interior design and building use. This study looks into the use of VR in evaluation of emergency signage with respect to fire evacuation. In a single case study experiment using Serious Gaming (SG), test persons were immersed into VR using a head mounted display (HMD) and asked to evacuate a test building in a fire scenario. The case study experiment provided a keen understanding into people’s reaction to emergency signage and how detection of such signage during evacuation can be improved.
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Serious Game, Design Evaluation, Emergancy Signage
Pages: 452 - 460

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