Proceedings of the 2021 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Application of GPR-technology for identifying the material composition of building components

Meliha Honic 1, Alois Hinterleitner 2, Ingrid Schloegel 2, Iva Kovacic 1, Marijana Sreckovic 1
1 TU Wien, Institute for Interdisciplinary Building Process Management
2 Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, Department for Geophysics, Vienna, Austria

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.188
Abstract: Currently various technologies are used in order to determine the geometry of existing buildings, however there is no established technology to identify the material composition of buildings. The state-of-the-art material identification of existing buildings is conducted manually through destructive methods, which is not accurate enough and cannot be applied in the operation phase. Within this paper, ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology is applied on a real use case to determine the material composition of buildings. The state-of-the-art and high-tech GPR methods are compared regarding costs and time effort. Results show, that the GPR has great potential, but requires further optimizations.
Keywords: SARS-CoV-2, School re-opening, communication tools, Indoor Mobile Mapping System, Crowd simulation, Proximity modelling
Pages: 366 - 372

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