Proceedings of the 2022 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Smart campus as a core of project-based BIM education in aeco, case study in satbayev university, kazakhstan

Vladimir Yaskevich 1, Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue 2, Bolat Kuspangaliev 1
1 Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2 University of Turin, Torino, Italy

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2022.165
Abstract: Concepts as Smart Campus, BIM and Project-Based Education have been widely studied in different aspects during the last 20 years; however, perspectives of their mutual integration are unsatisfactorily investigated. This paper examines Smart Campus as a core concept for Project-Based Education course “BIM technologies basics” for students in the AECO field, adopted in Satbayev University (Kazakhstan) for 4th-year students learning architecture in fall 2021. The advantages of Smart Campus development in the educational framework are described and discussed. Achievements and difficulties that students have reported are analyzed to specify the effectiveness of PBE and the barriers to implementing BIM accordingly.
Keywords: Building Information Modeling, Smart Campus, Project-Based Education, Course design

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