Proceedings of the 2022 European Conference on Computing in Construction


BIM based workflow for 4D construction planning

Giulia Rubiu, Emanuela Quaquero, Giuseppe Desogus, Giovanna Stocchino
University of Cagliari, Italy

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2022.196
Abstract: The building trade appears as a sequence of tasks, rather difficult to manage owing to: the heterogeneity of the involved players, the singularity and complexity of the final product, the specific productive and contextual conditions. Such features encourage research into new methods for the development of a rational planning approach. The studies conducted on Building Information Modeling methodology and its associated tools underline the related great improvement in managing the construction phase. This paper reports on the potentiality of the integration of 4D BIM methods and tools and a geospatial 3D mapping platform, which support in the building phase planning.
Keywords: 4D BIM, geospatial 3D mapping, construction site layout, construction management

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