Proceedings of the 2023 European Conference on Computing in Construction and the 40th International CIB W78 Conference


Transfer of implicit semi-formal textual location descriptions in three-dimensional model contexts

Anne Göbels, Fabian Rivadeneyra, Jakob Beetz
Chair of Design Computation, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2023.268
Abstract: The current bridge inspection documentation in Germany is only text-based. Thus, the locations of damages and components are defined in implicit, semi-formal textual descriptions, which depend on the viewing direction of the inspecting engineer. This paper presents an approach to automatically transfer these location descriptions into explicit three-dimensional model elements and conceptual damage representations. The approach works with rule-based transformations encoded in dedicated algorithms and achieves unambiguous model-based localization and geometrical representation of the documented inspection data. Concurrently, the process links legacy information with new model data, contributing to an efficient implementation of digital twins.
Keywords: Data Interpretation, Infrastructure Maintenance, Linked Data, Digital Twins, Damage Modelling

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