A BIM-based approach to façade cladding optimization: geometrical, economic, and production-control in a DfMA perspective

Giuseppe Martino Di Giuda1, Paolo Ettore Giana1, Gabriele Masera1, Elena Seghezzi1, Valentina Villa2
1 Politecnico di Milano, Italy
2 Politecnico di Torino, Italy

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.156
Abstract: The goal of this paper is providing a methodology properly supporting façade optimization in a DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) perspective. DfMA has proven to facilitate offsite manufacturing, lowering costs and improving speed and quality of construction, especially combined with BIM strategies. A BIM-based methodology can help in setting parameters for the proper optimization of the façade, balancing production related needs and design requirements. The proposed method allows the exploration of alternatives (known as Design Optioneering) to optimize the choice of façade elements. This method is based on a mathematical algorithm and script including parameters related to geometry, production waste management and designer’s needs. The proposed methodology has been tested on a newly built school in Northern Italy.
Keywords: DfMA, Design Optioneering, Design Automation, Multi-Criteria Methods, Decision Support System
Pages: 324 - 331