BEMServer: An Open Source Platform for Building Energy Performance Management

Pierre Bourreau1, Richard Chbeir2, Yudith Cardinale3, Aitor Corchero4, Jérôme Lafréchoux1, David Frédérique1, Khouloud Salameh2, Gulben Calis5, Rafael Constantinou6, Lara Kallab1
1 Nobatek/INEF4, France
2 LIUPPA, France
3 Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venzuela
4 Eurecat, Spain
5 Ege University, Turkey
6 Cyric Research Center

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.176
Abstract: In the era of new technologies and with the growing need for reliable ecological energy supplies, researchers eyes are diverted towards reducing the energy consumption of buildings which becomes a major concern that requires a variety of actors being involved (e.g., building owners, energy/facility managers, occupants, data scientist), who have different expertise and need to use different tools This paper introduces BEMServer, an open source Build- ing Energy Management system solution built to ease the integration of data analytic and visualization services into building and energy domain applications. It handles heterogeneous data in a transparent way by providing a clear and unambiguous semantic representation of the modeled resources. To do so, BEMServer integrates the OntoH2G formal ontology at its core. The architecture of BEM- Server, the design and use of OntoH2G in the solution, as well as the suitability of BEMServer as a middleware in the H2020 project Hit2Gap are described
Keywords: Web Semantics, Web Server, Monitoring, Energy Performance, Open Source
Pages: 256 - 264

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