Developing Competent Project Managers for Mega Infrastructure Construction: A Digital Construction Approach

Iliyasu Abba Abdullahi1, Georgios Kapogiannis1, Michal Lemanski2, Carlos Jimenez,Bescos3
1 University of Nottingham, Ningbo
2 Nottingham University Business School, Ningbo, China, People's Republic of
3 University of Nottingham, United Kingdom Campus

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.154
Abstract: Recent studies implied that exhibiting competence remains impracticable for project managers during infrastructure construction due to project strategies shortfall to augment their competence, handle complexity. The paper adopted an exploratory case study technique to report how integrating various digital tools to form a strategy augments managers' competence during construction. Findings depicted that adopting digital construction approach enabled managers to perform due to its pluralism to reinforce human sensation and evolve complex processes to maximize human capabilities. Practically, the study proposes to practicing managers a proactive medium towards competence development and provides companies insights into digital tools utilization to improve performance.
Keywords: Project managers competence, digital tools, digital construction strategy, mega infrastructure construction, project complexity
Pages: 43 - 51

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