Enabling circular construction information flows using data templates – conceptual frameworks based on waste audit action

Pedro Mêda1, Eilif Hjelseth2, Diego Calvetti1, Hipólito Sousa3
1 CONSTRUCT/GEQUALTEC, Construction Institute, Faculty of Engineering, Porto University
2 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NTNU
3 CONSTRUCT/GEQUALTEC, Faculty of Engineering, Porto University

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.208
Abstract: The Construction Industry faces challenges to achieve the key goals of Digital transformation, Sustainability, and Waste. The problem is that these have been strategically detailed mostly in separated documents. Despite common elements, the defined roadmaps use different headings, terminology and are over-focused. This leads to gaps at several levels. Connected information flows can foster alignment and bridge the gaps. This research provides awareness and demonstrates how Circular Construction can be built on Digital Transformation, Sustainability, and Waste, using information flow conceptualizations. The approach is made from the “digital challenge” and through Data Templates as enablers for circular information in construction.
Keywords: Circular Economy, Data Integration, Digital Supply Chain, Efficiency, Traceability
Pages: 398 - 405

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