Road Network Layout Planning based on Evaluation of Connectivity and Asset Criticality

Georgios M. Hadjidemetriou, Manuel Herrera, Ajith K. Parlikad
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.212
Abstract: State of the art research in ensuring transport infrastructure resilience focuses on adopting a network perspective. However, there is no comprehensive, widespread method for evaluating connectivity and proposing alternative routes to improve it. Presented herein is a framework that: assesses road network connectivity, using a “closeness” measure and focusing on routes passing by the vulnerable asset of bridges; and proposes the development of optimal alternative routes, using a genetic algorithm. The results showed a significant improvement of network connectivity and the potential of the method to serve as the basis for updated transport infrastructure planning practices.
Keywords: transport infrastructure planning, resilience, closeness, genetic algorithm, alternative routes
Pages: 83 - 89

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