Conference Team :

Name Affiliation Responsible for:
Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue University of Turin Conference Chair
Mohamad Kassem Newcastle University (UK) Programme Chair
Marijana Sreckovic TU Wein (AT) Dissemination Chair
Karen Blay Loughborough University
Summer School Chair
Sobia Bano University College Dublin (Ireland) Website and IT
Mitos s.a. Local organizer


Area Chairs:

Area chairs have oversight of the review process in specific thematic areas of the conference, including reviewing abstracts and selecting members of the scientific committee for the full paper review.

Area Chair Name
Data Analysis, Simulation and Resilience TBD
Data Sensing and Acquisition TBD
Data Integration Methods TBD
Energy Modelling & Monitoring TBD
Product & Process Modelling TBD
Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology TBD
Virtual and Augmented Reality TBD
Education, Policy and Standardisation TBD