Review Process: By submitting a paper to EC3, the authors agree to the review process and understand that papers are processed to match each manuscript to the best possible Subject Area Chairs and reviewers. Each paper will be double-blind reviewed. Note that the decisions for each paper will be either of the following three: Accept as is; Accept pending minor revision; or, Reject. Note that there is no decision to Accept with major revision! Getting your manuscript accepted at EC3 thus requires that you ensure that it is of great quality both in content (research contribution) and format (English and writing style).

Publication: All accepted papers will be made available to all registered participants shortly before the conference. They will become “open access” to the public one month after the conference. The organising committee will provide a unique DOI number and a permanent link to each accepted paper.


The EC³ review and publication process follows stable, fair, transparent, and objective standard procedures that comply with quality requirements set out by databases such as Scopus.

Authors and reviewers are required to take note of and comply with the following:

  • Paper quality and review criteria (EC³ Review Criteria)
  • Each paper will be assigned to at least two reviewers by an appropriate Area Chair
  • Selection and ranking process: based on the objectively determined quality of each paper which will be ranked/selected/assigned by the Area Chairs
  • Reviewers will be asked to declare potential conflicts of interest
  • EC³ Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement
  • Papers with being published as part of the proceedings of the European Conference on Computing in Construction (ISSN: 2684-1150)
  • Proceedings and paper will be published Open Access through the repository Proceedings of the European Conference on Computing in Construction (in order to increase reach and searchability we plan to provide them to other repositories as well).