Essay Competition

Deadline for submission: 3 July 2019 

Essay Topic: How can computing increase the productivity of the construction industry?

The essay competition reflects the importance of computing in construction, a scientific research area with a profound impact on every aspect of construction, ranging from project design to execution planning and facility maintenance. Computing has the potential to increase the productivity of the construction industry, and our awareness of this potential impact is an important precondition for improving project outcomes.

Participants in the competition are invited to write an essay on the proposed essay topic. There are no style guidelines nor “correct answers”. There is a strict word limit of 1,500 words, excluding references. Essays should contain original arguments and points of view, while referring to relevant scientific sources.

The competition jury will select best essays based on the following criteria:

  • Originality: does the essay provide a novel contribution to our knowledge
  • Importance: are the arguments interesting and relevant
  • Scientific soundness: how well is the essay scientifically grounded on the current technological and research achievements
  • Clarity of writing: are the arguments presented in a lucid and convincing way.

On the first day of the school the top five essays will be announced.

The authors of these top essays will be invited to defend their work on the 19 July 2019 afternoon. The jury will be made of the Directors of the school, chaired by Dr. Shabtai Isaac.

The competition jury will announce the winner at the school gala dinner on 19 July 2019, awarding her/him with a prize of € 600. The essay competition prize is sponsored by Trimble.

Deadline for submission is 3 July 2019.
Send your submissions in PDF format to before the above-indicated submission deadline.

Please attach two versions of the Essay to your e-mail:

  1. One version including your name, email address and affiliation, which will be kept by the technical secretary.
  2. A second version completely anonymous, which will be forwarded to the jury for the first evaluation step.

You will receive an explicit acknowledgment of your submission within the next 24 h. Please do a second submission if you do not receive that acknowledgment.

Participating essays will be made anonymously public on the school web page.