Networking Sessions


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Maria F. Balcazar Tellez


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Maria F. Balcazar Tellez, MS, MPP | LinkedIn


Maria Balcazar Tellez


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Maria BT Consulting


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Systems Change Consultant 


Biography of Presenter

Maria F. Balcazar Tellez collaborates and supports impact-driven teams dedicated to building the systems of tomorrow—systems guided by inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience principles. 


As a facilitator, Maria has worked with diverse partners. She has worked facilitating workshops with students from UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, Penn State University and organizations such as The Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Food System Summit, and many others. 


Her career focus and passion is in the equity and environmental dimension of food; particularly on how food access and economic factors relate to food production and culture, as well as exploring the role of innovation in addressing these challenges. Most recently Maria managed the Food System Vision Prize, a global program by The Rockefeller Foundation designed to amplify the discourse of food systems futures and empower communities globally to develop actionable solutions.


She holds a dual-degree from Pennsylvania State University in Philosophy and Biological & Agricultural Engineering and completed a Master of Science from North Carolina State University, where she focused on global food security and renewable energy production in the agricultural sector. She is also a graduate from the Master in Public Policy program at the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley.


Workshop Titles

  • Knowing One Another: Community Connection 
  • Knowing One Another: Team Connection
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Networking
  • Networking and Building Relationships 


Workshop Description


Building relationships and developing an active network are essential to thrive and advance in professional environments. Through a series of facilitated workshops, the EC3 community will have opportunities to get to know other students, develop relationships, and learn practical tools to actively build a professional network. 


This series of networking sessions provide a unique opportunity for the EC3 Community to connect with one another, get to know its team members, and build lasting relationships.


Workshop Learning Objectives

  • Connect with the EC3 community. Get to know attending members of EC3 Summer School, including faculty, presenters, and attending students
  • Learn the how behind building your professional network. An opportunity to gain and develop practical tools to actively build a professional network
  • Develop relationships with your classmates.  Get to know your team and what brought them to join this program