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Write Structured Research Questions


Dr. Fadi Castronovo


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University of Brighton, UK.


Biography of Presenter

Fadi Castronovo Ph.D. is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton in the Built Environment Program. Prior to moving to Brighton, he was an Assistant Professor of Engineering at the California State University East Bay’s Engineering Department in the Construction Management program. His research focuses on the use of innovative technology (such as BIM, virtual and augmented reality) for the enhancement of construction management and engineering delivery process. He has researched the role of immersive virtual reality to improve the delivery process of facilities, starting from the design to the management of the facility. His research has also focused on intersecting with educational psychology, with a special focus on self-regulated learning of Lean Design and Construction practices. Lastly, his main research focus lies in the development and assessment of educational video games for the advancement of STEM education.


Description of Presentation

The development of research questions is one of most important steps in the research process. Research questions drive the direction that the study will take. Furthermore, research questions require the researcher in structuring their efforts in a way that will lead to a successful study. In this presentation, Dr. Fadi Castronovo will discuss the process of structuring research questions by identifying: the audience or subjects that are participating in the study; the type of research methodology best suits one’s goal (quantitative vs. qualitative, comparative vs descriptive); the different types of variables to measure (independent vs dependent); and evaluating the number of research questions necessary to address your research objectives.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation students will be able to:

  • Understand the process of structuring research questions;
  • Identify best practices in writing research questions; and
  • Develop detailed research questions.


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Fadi Castronovo – University of Brighton

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Fadi Castronovo | LinkedIn