Ghang Lee

Process to Product Modeling


Ghang Lee, Professor


Your Current Institutional Affiliation

Yonsei University


Biography of Presenter

Dr. Ghang Lee is a professor and the director of the Building Informatics Group at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. He is also leading the ISO 29481-3 (IDM data schema) project. Dr. Lee has been actively involved in process and product modeling, knowledge acquisition and requirements engineering (KARE), building information modeling (BIM) and data analytics, and construction automation.


Presentation Topic

Product & Process Modelling


Description of Recorded Lecture Presentation

The recorded lecture will introduce a history and concept of process and product modeling and various relevant efforts including the information delivery manual (IDM) and the model view definition (MVD). It will also describe international standards related to process and product modeling in architecture, engineering, and construction such as ISO 29481 series.


Description of Workshop/Tutorial Presentation

Participants will learn the concept of process-to-product modeling and an international standard method to specify an IDM document through a hands-on training of a free IDM authoring tool, named “xPPM (eXtended Process to Product Modeling)”. During the tutorial session, participants will create a simple IDM document, which will include use cases, process maps (PMs), and exchange requirements (ERs).


Learning Objectives

At the end of the presentation students will be able to:

  • Provide a history and concept of process and product modeling;
  • Learn a standard method to specify use cases, process models, and information requirements based on ISO 29481-1 and ISO 29481-3 (draft); and
  • Gain practical-level knowledge on process to product modeling through a hands-on training.


Software Requirements

For the tutorial session, we will use the xPPM-Neo, a free IDM authoring tool. xPPM-Neo runs only on Windows and it will be provided by the presenter a few weeks before the presentation.