Flights to Rhodes
Rhodes International Airport “Diagoras” is among the four most busiest airports in Greece. It receives domestic flights from Athens, Thessaloniki and other locations, while in summer it receives flights from many countries around Europe, too. The flight time from Athens to Rhodes is estimated around 50 minutes.
Upon your arrival on the island, it is a good idea to take a taxi for your transfer, since the airport is located about 16 km away from Rhodes Town.

Ferries to Rhodes
You can easily reach Rhodes by ferry from Athens (Piraeus port), as there are available routes approximately 4 to 5 times per week. However, the trip lasts from 16 to 18 hours.
Apart from Athens, Rhodes is also connected by ferry with Kos, Patmos, Leros, Simi and more. There are also some ferry routes that link Rhodes with Heraklion and Karpathos, almost 3 times per week. Last but not least, you can easily reach Rhodes from Marmaris in Turkey.