Welcome to the 2023 European Council on Computing in Construction Summer School.

At the EC3 summer school, you will receive cutting edge scientific, theoretical and practical knowledge from experts in their respective fields. We have set up an exciting schedule with daily activities, focused on five technologies and processes in the field of AEC:

These are interjected with sessions on professional development, research strategy and methodology that will help you plan your projects and future career.



Out of the Blue Resort, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Summer School Theme


The theme and exercise that you will practice on as a summer school scholar is this:

Computing within the construction industry has the potential to contribute to UN SDG 9-11, and our awareness of this potential impact is an important precondition for improving project outcomes. Working in groups, you will have to  address the question:

How can using digital processes in asset delivery (design and construction) and management (operations) contribute to UN SDG 9-11?

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