The theme and exercise that you will practice on as a summer school scholar is this:

Computing within the construction industry has the potential to contribute to UN SDG 9-11, and our awareness of this potential impact is an important precondition for improving project outcomes. Working in groups, you will have to  address the question:

How can using digital processes in asset delivery (design and construction) and management (operations) contribute to UN SDG 9-11?

Summer School participants, in groups of 4-6, would be invited to prepare a proposal on at least ONE topic from the five topics and technological processes presented at the summer school.

  • Building Information Modelling and Collaboration
  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology for Construction
  • Energy- carbon evaluation and efficiency
  • Computer vision and machine learning
  • Digital Twins

Proposal Structure

  • Literature Review and Background
  • Identify Research Goals and Gaps
  • Write Structured Research Questions
  • Research Methodology by leveraging the five technological processes
  • Project plan to operationalise the research

Extra resources links:

United Nations Sustainable Development goals:


UN SDG 11:

The competition jury will select the best proposal based on the following criteria:

  • Quality:
  • Appropriateness:
  • Rigor:
  • Coherence/justification: