The European Council on Computing in Construction (EC3) advances professional knowledge and improves engineering practice in the built environment by fostering research, education and policy in current and emerging computing and information technologies. In order to achieve or promote this societal goal, the association can use all means. It is authorized to retain ownership of or to use all movable and immovable property that may be necessary or useful for the realization of its purpose. The association can set up scientific and / or organizational committees within its organisation.

In correspondence with the above purpose, the following activities are the subject of EC3:

– Organization of scientific and educational conferences (EC3 Conference) and summer schools (EC3 Summer School);
– Publication of white papers and position papers;
– Publication of conference publications;
– Organizing and facilitating administrative and technical committees, according to the internal regulations, where current and emerging computer and information technology for engineering practice in the construction sector is discussed and gradually renewed;
– Advertising the EC3 mission in the relevant communities through available media (website, mailing, events, social media, etc.);
– Participation as an independent and neutral network partner or supporting partner in scientific research projects;
– Advising EC3 members and policy makers on the basis of EC3 publications and results.

Download: Statutes