The European Council on Computing in Construction (EC3) awards annually to eligible persons the following four awards:

  1. The Scherer Award is awarded to an EC3 active or former officer for outstanding service to the computing community in the context of EC3.
  2. The Thorpe Medal is awarded to all authors of a published journal paper in the last two years for its outstanding academic contributions to computing in the context of EC3.
  3. The Smith Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to computing education in the context of EC3.
  4. The EC3 Best Paper Award is awarded to the best paper to be presented at the upcoming EC3 conference.


Award Winners:

2023 Scherer Award Marzia Bolpagni Mace
2023 Thorpe Medal Zijian Wang, Rafael Sacks, and Timson Yeung Israel Institute of Technology
2022 Scherer Award Loannis Brillakis University of Cambridge
2022 Smith Prize André Borrmann Technical University of Munich
2022 Thorpe Medal Sotirios A. Argyroudis Brunel University
2021 Scherer Award Mohamad Kassem University of Newcastle
2021 Smith Prize Rafael Sacks Technion Institute of Technology
2021 Thorpe Medal Alex Braun and André Borrmann Technical University of Munich