EC3 Best Paper Award

The European Conference on Computing in Construction (EC3) Best Paper Award was instituted in 2018. It recognises an EC3 conference paper that contributes to either practical or research aspects of engineering informatics disciplines in the built environment.  The practical value of contribution and its impact on engineering informatics practice are important considerations. The award may be presented annually to the authors of an original paper not previously contributed in whole or in part to any other council or association or otherwise appeared in print prior to its publication.  Papers to be published in the EC3 conference proceedings of the conference taking place in the year of the award are eligible and considered by default.


There are no author restrictions for this award. All papers of the EC3 proceedings will be considered for this award.

The EC3 proceedings papers are reviewed by the EC3 Conference Committee which shall recommend the recipient(s) and request approval from the EC3 Board.

The award consists of a medal and a cash prize determined annually, subject to the income reserves of EC3. The lead author shall receive the medal; all other authors shall receive a certificate.

Best Paper:

2023 Transfer of implicit semi-formal textual location descriptions in three-dimensional model contexts
  1. BIM-based Holonic System for Real-Time Pathfinding in Building Emergency Scenario
  2. Automatic detection of plan symbols in railway equipment engineering using a machine learning approach

Best Student Paper:

2019 Managing mistrust in construction using DLT: a review of use-case categories for technical decisions