Smith Prize

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Nomination Deadline: 24th May 2024

This award was established by the EC3 Board in 2018 to honour Prof Ian Smith, an academic leader who championed the establishment of common core curricula in computational thinking for engineers.



The purpose of the prize is to recognise and reward outstanding contributions to computing education in the context of EC3.




To be eligible an individual should:

  1. hold an academic post in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) whose main campus is in a European country. “European country” in this context is defined as a country situated in whole or in part within the European continent, or a member/associate country of the European Union.
  2. teach computing subject(s) in Civil, Architectural, or Construction Engineering, or any related field
  3. be nominated by an EC3 committee officer or member (student member and self-nominations are encouraged)
  4. have three years or more full-time teaching experience


Nominations may be submitted from eligible individuals by the deadline – self-nominations are encouraged. In addition, the EC3 Education Committee may suggest up to two additional nominations.

Candidate nominations should be received on or before the May 24 2024 deadline to be considered.

Review process:

All submissions are reviewed by an awards panel and a ranking is established. The panel makes a recommendation for the recipient of the award to the EC3 Board.


The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize determined annually by and subject to the approval of the EC3 Board based on the income reserves of EC3.


To nominate, prepare the following:

Required nomination materials include:

  1. Letter of Endorsement from current Department Chair/Head [1 page]
  2. Curriculum Vitae [2 pages]
  3. Teaching Portfolio [limited to 12 pages]

All teaching portfolios should include:

  1. Statement of Teaching Philosophy of Nominee
  2. Evidence of Excellence in EC3 Education teaching (student testimonials, student evaluations, peer evaluations, etc.) as measured by student learning outcomes

Nominee portfolios may also contain:

  • Scholarly work published in educational venues
  • Sample teaching materials
  • Evidence of outreach and advisement to students
  • Sample syllabi demonstrating evidence of curriculum development
  • Any other relevant items demonstrating excellence in teaching and a commitment to undergraduate EC3 education

The total length of the teaching portfolio must not exceed 15 pages.


Submit the form: 
 Submit nomination

Award Winners:

2022 Smith Prize André Borrmann Technical University of Munich
2021 Smith Prize Rafael Sacks Technion Institute of Technology