Proceedings of the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Modelling construction scheduling constraints using shapes constraint language (SHACL)

Ranjith K Soman 1,2
1 Imperial College London, United Kingdom
2 The Alan Turing Institute, United Kingdom

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.170
Abstract: This paper presents a new approach for modelling construction scheduling constraints using Shapes Constraint Language. Current modelling approaches focuses on modelling precedence and discrete constraints at master planning or phase planning level and lacks the ability to model complex constraints at look ahead planning level. Proposed modelling approach addresses this limitation. Precedence constraints, discrete resource capacity constraints, disjunctive constraints and logical constraints are modelled using shapes constraint language for a simple lifting problem in this paper. The modelled constraints were tested, and the constraints model was able to identify the violations effectively and produce a validation report.
Keywords: Linked Data, SHACL, BIM, Constraints, Scheduling
Pages: 351 - 358

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