Proceedings of the 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Development of a software program to generate a WBS for earthwork projects

Loma Yasser Elmossallamy, Ayman H. Nassar
German university in cairo, Egypt

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2019.179
Abstract: It is very important while creating a schedule plan for any project, to have a suitable work breakdown structure. It is well known that in earthwork projects, there are several criteria that effects the WBS as soil type and level of excavation. The present research shows the steps of the development of a software program using matlab and Microsoft excel. Taking into consideration the topography of the ground and the soil type. The research work aims to create an automated software program that calculates the most economic platform level and creates a WBS for Earthwork projects. The results of the software had been used to be exported to Microsoft Excel in an easy way to be used in the planning stage. In addition, an interface was created in order to make the software program user-friendly and easy to use. The software has been validated by two tests, a theoretical area and a real case study.
Keywords: Automated, Earthwork, Geotechnical, Project Management, Construction Management
Pages: 125 - 130

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