Proceedings of the 2021 European Conference on Computing in Construction


A usability test protocol for evaluating mixed reality environments

Neziha Yilmaz, Esin Ergen, Deniz Artan
İstanbul Technical University, İstanbul, Turkey

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.174
Abstract: Immersive technologies are being used to enhance the effectiveness and usability of BIM in the construction industry and multiple studies that test the usability of the developed prototypes exist in this domain. However, a structured usability test protocol for the use of immersive technologies is lacking. This paper aims to present a usability test protocol that is developed to measure the performance of a prototype, which is developed for a mixed reality environment in a building. The main steps of this test protocol are 1) cognitive walkthrough, 2) pre-test surveys, 3) usability test video recording 4) post-test surveys.
Keywords: Scan-vs-BIM, realtime, construction monitoring, computer vision
Pages: 423 - 430

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