Proceedings of the 2021 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Road Network Layout Planning based on Evaluation of Connectivity and Asset Criticality

Georgios M. Hadjidemetriou, Manuel Herrera, Ajith K. Parlikad
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2021.212
Abstract: State of the art research in ensuring transport infrastructure resilience focuses on adopting a network perspective. However, there is no comprehensive, widespread method for evaluating connectivity and proposing alternative routes to improve it. Presented herein is a framework that: assesses road network connectivity, using a “closeness” measure and focusing on routes passing by the vulnerable asset of bridges; and proposes the development of optimal alternative routes, using a genetic algorithm. The results showed a significant improvement of network connectivity and the potential of the method to serve as the basis for updated transport infrastructure planning practices.
Pages: 83 - 89

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