Proceedings of the 2022 European Conference on Computing in Construction


Optimal ventilation strategies for balancing indoor air quality, comfort and energy use in educational buildings. the IAQ4EDU project.

Katia Gaspar, Marta Gangolells, Miquel Casals, Jaume Ferré-Bigorra, Pablo Pujadas
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2022.151
Abstract: Currently, there is great concern about adequate indoor ventilation to prevent adverse effects on occupants’ health, and, within educational buildings, to ensure students and professors’ well-being and improve learning processes. This paper aims to present an innovative framework, developed within the IAQ4EDU project, to optimize the ventilation strategies in educational centres taking into account the indoor air quality, thermal comfort, energy consumption and global costs. This consists on characterise indoor air quality, simulate building ventilation strategies using reduced order models and develop multi criteria decision making method. 40 classrooms located in 20 Spanish educational buildings are used as case study.
Keywords: Ventilation strategies, Indoor air quality, thermal comfort, energy use, educational buildings

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