Proceedings of the 2023 European Conference on Computing in Construction and the 40th International CIB W78 Conference


Challenges in collecting and manageing data for AI application in small and medium-sized construction enterprises

Dominik Steuer, Svenja Lauble, Hannes Benedikt Gerber, Shervin Haghsheno
Karlsruher Instiute of Technology, Germany

DOI: 10.35490/EC3.2023.285
Abstract: In this paper a case study with a German medium-sized construction company was conducted to demonstrate the current challenges in data collection and management practices. The company described themselves as digital and data-driven and allowed for a holistic data collection process within the company’s databases and documents.Based on the collected data in the company different Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods are applied to predict durations of small earthwork and infrastructure projects. The key result is that the current data availability and quality is not sufficient for the use of AI in construction SMEs.
Keywords: data collection, artificial intelligence, SME, prediction, data quality

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